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To promote bike riding and support local artists, the office of Tim Read MP, organised a local art tour - by bike! 

If you didn't make the launch event or can't ride a bike, you can take the tour at your leisure and by any means necessary, including by car, anytime from Sunday the 27th of June. But be quick, street art isn't designed to last forever. To get the map, complete the form on this page. The tour is designed to be interactive, so watch the videos of the artists explaining the murals as you're looking at them. 

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Dr Tim Read
Greens MP for Brunswick
28 June 2021



Skyrail is coming to Brunswick

It’s official: Brunswick will get a skyrail like Coburg some time in the next five years. So what can we expect? 


The government should go further and faster on COVID

If something terrible happens on Friday night and you call an ambulance, how long will it take to arrive? That’s not normally a concern for those of us living in the inner city, but this year ambulances have too often been unable to get to serious emergencies on time. We...


Protecting Forest Activists

Recently in parliament I made a speech denouncing the government's concerning new anti-forest protest bill. This bill will give authorities new, broad search and seizure powers, and discretion to restrict free movement in our forests based merely on suspicion that someone may commit an offence in the future. Plus, peaceful...


Brunswick Survey Response: Fixing Victoria's Healthcare System

In a year with federal and state elections and with a big increase in healthcare spending, we should talk about how we could improve our health system, so it’s not always struggling to cope. That’s why I asked people in my electorate to tell me about their personal experiences with...