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Back in 2018 when I first met with the Parkville Gardens Residents Association I was dumb founded at the lack of public transport services in this neighbourhood located so close to the city. 

Residents told me that the only bus runs just one service an hour except for peak times when there are two. The lack of public transport means that there are often cars lined up in Parkville Gardens streets during the morning rush as residents opt for driving. 

I knew that it wouldn’t cost that Government much more to run a few more bus services during peak times, and that it would have a huge impact on this community. 

Over the years I raised this in meetings with the transport Minister, wrote numerous letters, had it costed, and even raised it in Parliament on multiple occasions. Finally, we petitioned and brought community voices together to demand more bus services for Parkville Gardens. 

The State Government budget papers have been released and I have some good news, additional services between Moonee Ponds and Melbourne University will be funded. 


Thanks to everyone for taking the time to add their voice to this important petition. Special congratulations to the Parkville Gardens Residents association for raising this with me and helping to share the petition with the neighbourhood.




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