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I wanted to check in with families around Brunswick about the transition as kids return to school.

We’ve launched a quick survey for families with kids in primary and secondary schools around Brunswick. You can fill it in below.

I’ve been in touch with most of the local principals recently to check in on how the reopening has been going. Based on their feedback, I’ve written to the Minister for Education to request additional support and clarity for schools around COVID safety and preparedness, including contact tracing, ventilation and outdoor shade sails.

But it's important we hear from school families too. Your responses to this survey will inform my ongoing communication with the Education Minister about schools reopening.

Please let me know in the survey if you have any concerns about the reopening or have identified any gaps you would like me to raise with the Minister’s office. I’m also happy to make general enquiries.






My vision for Brunswick

A lot has changed since I was elected in 2018. But my vision for Brunswick remains one where you can easily walk to a beautiful green space, safely ride your bike to the shops, or hop onto frequent, accessible public transport - perhaps to catch a gig on Sydney Rd. ...


Breathing new life into Melbourne Cemetery

Thousands of people pass by or through Melbourne General Cemetery every day, but we aren’t treating it as a precious inner-city open space. Much of it is very dry and degraded, with minimal vegetation, and many old graves are in disrepair. It could be much better.


Skyrail is coming to Brunswick

It’s official: Brunswick will get a skyrail like Coburg some time in the next five years. So what can we expect? 


The government should go further and faster on COVID

If something terrible happens on Friday night and you call an ambulance, how long will it take to arrive? That’s not normally a concern for those of us living in the inner city, but this year ambulances have too often been unable to get to serious emergencies on time. We...