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Even as we grapple with COVID-19 and huge changes in our lives, issues like climate change, collapsing ecosystems and animal extinctions have unfortunately not gone away.

Victoria has already lost 81 species of plants, animals and birds to extinction, and many more are now on the brink.

The Black Summer fires we just experienced burned 1.4 million hectares in Victoria and destroyed more than 50% of the habitat for 185 rare and threatened Victorian animals, plants and other creatures.

Right now, the Victorian Parliament is looking at how to protect Victoria’s environment and save species from extinction, and you have a chance to have your say.

Make a submission to the Victorian Parliament Ecosystem Inquiry today, and speak up for a healthy environment in which we can all thrive.

Submission tips:

Your submission will be more powerful if you take a few minutes to:

  • Change the ‘template email’ so it’s written in your own words. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed.
  • Share your own stories about Victoria’s special places and creatures
  • Mention solutions (we have put some suggested solutions for you in the template email)

Thank you for helping to ensure this Inquiry delivers solutions for our threatened ecosystems and wildlife.




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