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Moreland Road needs a safe pedestrian crossing. 

Community members living around Moreland Road (between Coonans and Melville Road) in West Brunswick and Pascoe Vale South have been calling for a safe crossing on Moreland Rd for over 10 years. 

People cross to get to the childcare centres, schools, sports grounds, recreational activities and the cafe, but the nearest pedestrian crossing is 300m away up the hill at the corner of Melville Road - forcing parents with young kids, elderly people and people with disabilities to cross with no guidance. During peak times, cars zoom past to get to Citylink, and stop-start traffic makes it difficult to cross. 

In 2018, residents were told there were plans to build a crossing here, but had heard nothing since. 

In July 2021, I sent an open letter to the Minister for Roads, signed by more than 330 local residents. Thank you to everyone who knocked on doors, dropped letters in mailboxes, and signed the open letter. There’s no doubt about it, this is a community-powered campaign.

In response to our letter, the Minister has now asked the Department of Transport to look into our request and investigate options to improve pedestrian safety along this section of Moreland Road. 

Now is the time to keep pushing. Add your name to the campaign to stay up-to-date on how you can help make Moreland Road safe.



Open Letter to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety

TO: The Hon. Ben Carroll           

Minister for Roads and Road Safety


Dear Minister Carroll, 

Re: A Safe Crossing for Moreland Road 

I’m writing on behalf of residents and community members calling for a safe pedestrian crossing for Moreland Road, between Melville and Coonans Road in Brunswick West. 

This is a popular crossing point for people using the multiple childcare centres, schools, recreational centres, sports grounds and a cafe in the area. Bike riders taking the back streets also like to cross around here. Currently, the closest pedestrian crossing is at Melville Road which is about 300m away. This is not practical for those using mobility aids due to the steep incline of the hill when approaching Melville Road.  

Crossing during peak times is difficult and dangerous as cars hurry along Moreland Road towards CityLink. Even when traffic is stopped in one lane, the other lane has cars doing 60km/hr in the other direction. 

Residents feel that the Moreland Road level crossing removal may have increased the traffic volume.

I therefore urge you to fund and build a safe pedestrian crossing, in consultation with the community, in this part of Moreland Road.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Tim Read

State member for Brunswick



Add your name to the campaign. 




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