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The end section of Nicholson Street in Brunswick East, where the road bends and weaves past a Primary School and into Albion street has been a crash hot spot for decades. Residents live in fear of a car coming through their house. 

The road is managed by Department Of Transport, but the council manages the footpaths. There is confusion over who is responsible. 

In 2016, Moreland Council removed a safety barrier. Since then, a single house has been crashed into no less than 7 times. We've heard other residents have also sustained damage. 

Please complete the below survey, so we can get a complete picture of the damage and perceived danger.

This will put pressure on the council and state government to get on with the job of fixing this dangerous section of road. The results will be made public when completed. 




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Victorian Government COVID Restrictions

As of 6pm on Friday, 26th of March, the Victorian government relaxed a number of coronavirus restrictions, including reduced mask wearing and an easing of capacity limits in both homes and venues. Below is a summary of these new rules. For up-to-date information, check the DHHS website.