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On March 30th, the Victorian Government REJECTED a plan by energy giant AGL for a massive gas import ship at Crib Point, Westernport in Victoria.This shows just how powerful we can be when we come together to campaign for our climate and the places we love!

After years of campaigning to stop AGL’s disastrous gas import ship and pipeline through internationally significant wetlands, this is a genuine win for the local community, the Greens and all Victorians.

The Labor Government in Victoria initially supported the project until local residents, environmentalists, Boon Wurrung Elders, and Greens started a huge campaign against it. With rallies, questions in Parliament, many submissions, petitions and more, collectively we forced the Government into a proper environmental assessment project which showed the damage it would do to the environment (no surprises there!).

It was ridiculous that the Victorian Labor Government ever wanted to import fracked gas into Victoria, through a sensitive RAMSAR wetland, but I’m so glad they’ve seen sense and changed course.

Today’s decision was an important start but now the Victorian Labor Government needs to start making a plan for a transition away from fossil fuels, instead of importing and burning more.

Renewables provide the cheapest source of energy and are creating the energy jobs of the present AND the future.

Yet, our State Government has given the go ahead to open up polluting gas fields. To cut power prices, we need to invest in renewables and help get Brunswick and Victoria off gas. Download our fact sheet here. 

Didn't know there was a problem with gas? Watch this video. 

Our Plan

We have a plan to create jobs, eliminate expensive gas bills and move to more reliable and sustainable sources of energy.



No Future In Gas

Add your name to show your support for a renewables-led recovery and find out how we can make a difference.




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Victorian Government COVID Restrictions

As of 6pm on Friday, 26th of March, the Victorian government relaxed a number of coronavirus restrictions, including reduced mask wearing and an easing of capacity limits in both homes and venues. Below is a summary of these new rules. For up-to-date information, check the DHHS website.