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When I speak to people around Brunswick the thing I hear most is that apartments are going up faster than our public transport, schools and facilities can cope with the new arrivals.

‘For too long, big property developers with too much influence have been allowed to shape Brunswick.’

My vision for Brunswick is a greener city, with more trees, powered by renewable energy and connected through active and sustainable forms of transport like walking, cycling, and public transport. Together, we can make it happen. 

We’ll make sure new apartments include affordable, quality housing that meets social needs

The maths is simple and fair: all new developments of 100 apartments or more, must include 30% affordable dwellings, made up of community housing and public housing. For between 15 and 100 apartments, the rate drops to 20%, and under 15, developers can pay a percentage of cost into a fund for affordable housing. This would have a huge impact on housing affordability, and it’s also economical for reasonable developers’ bottom lines.

We’ll tighten the rules to make them certain for everyone, and fair for communities

Developers push any grey area in the regulatory process to maximise profit, while communities and Councils can’t keep up. Clear rules can change this, including essential points such as mandatory height limits or maximum density levels for approved areas; and minimum apartment sizes to avoid cheap shoe-boxes that reduce overall liveability in communities.



Brunswick is changing rapidly and our skyline is getting busier.

For too long, planning laws have benefited property developers and not residents. We must fix our planning laws to favour residents and not developers.

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