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People depend on a healthy environment to thrive, yet in Victoria we are facing an extinction crisis, many of our ecosystems are on the brink of collapse. 

Labor still supports native forest logging, is allowing gas drilling in our oceans near the 12 Apostles, continues to allow duck hunting and is failing to fund vital programs that could restore habitat and protect threatened species. 

The Greens will push the next government in Victoria to centre First Nations people in Caring for Country, create thousands of jobs in habitat restoration and secure a healthy environment for all of us. 

We want to

  • End native forest logging in 2023, with a transition plan to move workers into new jobs and make the most of our existing plantation forests.
  • Introduce a moratorium on new water licences, centering First Nations rights to water and a plan to return water for healthy rivers.
  • Ban new oil and gas drilling in our oceans and an end to coal burning in Victoria by 2030. 
  • Ending native duck hunting and an overhaul of wildlife laws that currently allow large-scale wildlife killing permits.
  • Strengthen Victoria’s environmental assessment process so it has the teeth to stop destructive projects, and communities are not left fighting them off one by one.

Add your name and join the campaign to protect and restore Victoria's unique environment. 



Protect and Restore Nature

Add your name to stop native forest logging, land clearing and protect native animals. 




Government Integrity & Operation Sandon

When I knew Liam* a few years ago, he was a dairy farmer on the outskirts of Melbourne. Liam would tell me of his dream, to sell his farm to a developer who had knocked on his door one night. He would pocket the millions and retire to a country...


Holding the government to account

The Greens have just won a major concession from the state Labor government, which will strengthen the integrity of our parliament and make it easier to hold the government to account. 


My vision for Brunswick

A lot has changed since I was elected in 2018. But my vision for Brunswick remains one where you can easily walk to a beautiful green space, safely ride your bike to the shops, or hop onto frequent, accessible public transport - perhaps to catch a gig on Sydney Rd. ...


Breathing new life into Melbourne Cemetery

Thousands of people pass by or through Melbourne General Cemetery every day, but we aren’t treating it as a precious inner-city open space. Much of it is very dry and degraded, with minimal vegetation, and many old graves are in disrepair. It could be much better.