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With Brunswick and all of Melbourne under a Stage 4 lockdown and job losses expected to skyrocket, even more Victorian households will be under rental stress and struggling to afford their rents in the coming months. Roughly half of the people in Brunswick rent their home. 

In early September, we worked with the state government so that rent increases will now be extended until March 2021, instead of the end of December

And while this will bring some welcome relief to many, we recognise that as the recession hits, these protections will need to be extended further. 

Our renters survey from August 2020, showed that many Victorian’s who rent, particularly those who have become unemployed due to the pandemic, are just not getting the help they need.

  • More than half who had their hours reduced or became unemployed and sought a rent reduction were unable to reach an agreement with their landlord.
  • Half of those surveyed who became unemployed during the pandemic did not apply for a rent relief grant because they found it too difficult.

I will continue to advocate for extended protections for renters during the crisis, including:

  • Increase Rent Relief Grants
  • Make it easier for renters to get a rent reduction
  • Guarantee connection for essential utilities
  • Extend all bans on evictions and rent increases during the pandemicJoin the campaign to ensure renters are protected as the COVID-19 crisis continues.



Protecting renters

Join the campaign to protect renters who are facing financial uncertainty during this time of crisis




COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2020

We will amend the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2020, so police, PSOs, security guards are not given power to decide who gets detained under health emergency powers.


Matters of public importance COVID-19

 'As probably one of the few members with training in infectious diseases epidemiology I find that I am actually less certain about most of this than just about everybody else in this chamber.'


Public Health And Wellbeing Amendment (state Of Emergency Extension And Other Matters) Bill 2020

The Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (State of Emergency Extension and Other Matters) Bill 2020 extends the total time for which a state of emergency can remain in force by another six months for the COVID-19 pandemic.


Protecting health workers from coronavirus

I’m very concerned that our health system hasn’t done as much as possible to protect staff. Hospitals in other countries have achieved low or zero rates of infection in staff and we need to learn from them.