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Join the rally for accessible tram stops on Sydney Road. 

When: 11am Saturday 17 June, 2023.

Where: Corner of Sydney Rd and Wilson Avenue, opposite Barkly Square

Everyone should be able to use Brunswick’s public transport. 

But along Sydney Rd, people who use wheelchairs, have limited mobility, or push prams, are prevented from getting on or off the tram because there are no accessible platform tram stops between Bakers Rd and Park St, a 5.5km stretch 

Despite over 40 years of efforts demanding action, the Victorian Labor government in their recent state budget had no plans to fix accessibility in Brunswick. 

And it looks like it’s about to get worse. 

The Upfield train line – one of the only accessible public transport options in our area – will be shut for an extended period while level crossing removal works are underway, but we haven’t seen a plan from the Government for maintaining accessible transport in Brunswick.

So on Saturday the 17th, we’re holding a rally on Sydney Rd to call on the government to fast-track the construction of accessible tram stops on Sydney Rd. 

Without a plan from Labor to make trams accessible before the Upfield line is closed, Brunswick will move backwards in terms accessible public transport.

The best way to maintain and improve accessible transport in Brunswick is to fast-track the construction of accessible tram stops. 

The government should also establish a pop-up separated bike lane on Sydney Rd before the Upfield bike path is closed, to ensure people riding bikes have a safe way to get to and from the city and around Brunswick.

No one should be left behind by our transport system. So please join us on Saturday to rally in solidarity with all community members who need accessible transport options.

Hope to see you there! 



Sydney Road could be much nice place, where it's easier to walk or ride a bike, a place to shop, hang out, eat and drink, or see some music – no matter how you choose to get around. 

But to get there, we need the state government to step up and finally bring in the changes we know the community wants.

Here’s what I’ve been calling on the government to do:

  • Build accessible tram stops, so people using wheelchairs, mobility devices or pushing a pram can use the trams visit the shops easily
  • Create safe, protected bike lanes, so people have the option to travel by bike without risking their life
  • Widen the footpaths, so it’s easier for everyone to walk up and down the street
  • Make more space for businesses and shops to open to the street, so there’s more space to hang out 
  • Plant more trees, to counter the heat island effect and brighten the place up (maybe bring in some birds too!)

I’ve already done a lot of work on pushing the government to support improvements to Sydney Road, and I’ll keep my work up in Brunswick and in Parliament. 

You can help! Sign up to the campaign and I'll make sure to keep you up to date with the campaign, and let you know about the actions you can take to support a revitalised Sydney Road. 



Add your voice to and call on the government to revitalise Sydney Rd. 

Let's build protected bike lanes, accessible tram stops and wider footpaths!




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