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Parliament during a state of emergency

Update 23 March: Things have changed a lot in the 3 days since this was written! As I rode to work on Wednesday, I bumped into a neighbour, a medical colleague, who queried why parliament hadn’t shut down, along with much of Australia? Within a couple of hours, we were debating exactly that in the lower house. Our state government, like every government in history, is capable of over-reach when they, and everyone else, are distracted by a crisis. So parliament must subject the Andrews government to careful scrutiny, and push back if they go too far.

Inside the halls and chambers of Spring St: March 6th

It’s been a big week in the Victorian Parliament. The Victorian Parliament voted YES to our Greens inquiry into how we can move Victoria to 100% renewable energy!Read on for the full story, our watch the latest instalment of Inside Spring St  

Getting dodgy money out of Victorian politics

Last week donations to political parties appeared on the AEC website. Before the last state election, the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) gave $761,000 to Labor $371,000 thousand dollars to the Liberal and National parties to buy influence. And in the local government elections later this year, they could do it all over again.In February 2020, I rose in Parliament to speak on the above. Post by TimReadGreens.

The last sitting week of the decade

Since parliament won’t be sitting for a couple of months, here’s a summary of my first year in parliament. If you’re more a visual person, you can watch “Inside Spring St”, filmed live at the end of the sitting week with my fellow Green MPs. It covers much of what is written below. Post by TimReadGreens. Here is some of what we Greens achieved this year: Established a Waste Inquiry. The report just came out. Find it here. More details below. Established an upper house inquiry into Extinction, which will focus parliament’s attention on the threats to hundreds of endangered native species...

Government rejects 100% renewables and refuses to declare a climate emergency

So what happened in Parliament this week? The Victorian Government rejected our amendments on 100% renewables and refused to declare a climate emergency. This week the upper house passed a bill to increase the renewable energy target to 50% by 2030. We’re already on track to hit that target, we know that a 100% target is realistic, and 150,000 people called for one at the climate strike in September. We moved an amendment for 100% renewables by 2030, which was voted down by the big parties, as well as by Fiona Patten, Catherine Cumming and the Sustainable Australia Party. We...