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Together, we can work for a fairer, more sustainable society and help make Brunswick an even better place to live.

Make sure you check out local news page, my blog and other issues I'm campaigning on.

And of course, please get in touch with my office any time if you’d like to chat about an issue that matters to you, or if you’re in need of assistance.

It’s an honour and a privilege to represent you.

Yours sincerely,

Signed Tim Read

Dr Tim Read
Greens MP for Brunswick



Brunswick Survey Response: Fixing Victoria's Healthcare System

In a year with federal and state elections and with a big increase in healthcare spending, we should talk about how we could improve our health system, so it’s not always struggling to cope. That’s why I asked people in my electorate to tell me about their personal experiences with...


Why isn’t it fixed yet?

Making Sydney Road a more inviting place to ride a bike would improve north-south trips for people who already ride, and hopefully encourage more people to travel by bike.  I was recently asked about the work I’ve done on Sydney Rd, and where this issue was up to. This is...


Newsletter - March

We’re into our third week of parliament for 2022, so it’s time I updated you on what’s happening both in the Brunswick district and in parliament. There has been plenty happening! 


Fixing Victoria's healthcare system

The pandemic showed us the cracks in our healthcare system. During January the health crisis dominated the news, with daily reports of a hospital system barely able to cope with an influx of people struggling to breathe as COVID attacked their lungs. No part of our health system was spared...