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Victorian Government COVID Restrictions

As of 6pm on Friday, 26th of March, the Victorian government relaxed a number of coronavirus restrictions, including reduced mask wearing and an easing of capacity limits in both homes and venues. Below is a summary of these new rules. For up-to-date information, check the DHHS website.

Mask Wearing

From Friday March 26th, Victorians will no longer have to wear masks in retail settings. You will however, still need to carry a mask at all times and continue to use them on public transport, in taxis and rideshare vehicles and in particularly vulnerable environments like hospitals and aged care facilities.

Changes to outdoor gatherings

The limit on the number of people allowed in the one gathering in a public space is 200 people.

Density Limits at Home

The limit on the number of people allowed in a home is 100 per day.

Density limits in venues

Density limits in certain venues (like casinos, karaoke venues and nightclubs) is now in line with the current limits on cafes, pubs and restaurants. This means that they are permitted to have 1 person per 2sqm.

Non-seated entertainment venues can have 75 per cent capacity but are capped at 1000 people.

Dancefloors no longer have their own density limits and are only subject to the density limits of the venue. The 50-person cap on dancefloors has been removed.


The 75 per cent density limit on offices has been removed, but workplaces will still have to ensure a total density limit of 1 person per 2sqm. Because of this, workplaces are no longer required to permit employees to work from home.

For more information, see the statement from Acting Premier James Merlino:

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Dr Tim Read
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29 March 2021



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